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Please note: About 95 percent of our material is done by assignment. Only a small percentage of free-lance articles are accepted. Before submitting an article, please adhere to the guidelines below.


1. Christian Living. How to better understand the Bible, develop a richer prayer life, live more victoriously, overcome personal problems, etc.

2. Soul winning, conversions and answers to prayer. Often written in the first person or "as told to."

3. Doctrinal. The baptism in the Holy Spirit, the Second Coming (premillennial in viewpoint) and divine healing. Physical healings must be endorsed by a minister acquainted with the case.

4. Salvation appeal. Strong evangelistic appeal targeted to the unsaved (250 to 500 words).

5. Home and family. Helps for building Christian homes. Include illustrations from life. Avoid preachiness.

6. Seasonal. New Year's, Easter, Pentecost Sunday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Submit at least six months in advance, preferably longer.

7. Current issues. Adhere to doctrinal positions of the Assemblies of God.

8. News. News pieces and photographs from freelancers are printed in the World view section occasionally. If you can report on a major event connected in some way with the Assemblies of God or with religious issues, please call our news office. Generally, stories written about a church, Bible college or some religious institution do not receive payment. If the story requires independent research, payment can be negotiated.

9. Human interest. To glorify God for what He is accomplishing through individuals, groups or churches. People like to read stories about sacrifice, courage, victory, etc.

10. Regular features.  Material for "Living it " and "Letters."

11. Testimonies.  Healings and stories of God’s provision. These are unpaid and may be edited for content.

12. My Journey articles. First-person accounts of spiritual journeys that pose questions readers would have and provide a conclusion to the journey or question (1000-1200 words).

13. Poetry or fiction is not being accepted at this time.


1. Be familiar with the Pentecostal Evangel. Read the magazine regularly to understand our approach. Study current issues for slant, content and style.

2. Be thorough. Give attention to sentence structure, spelling and word selection in your article. When quoting a Scripture passage, check the Bible for wording, spelling and punctuation. Please indicate which version is used.

3. Keep the reader in mind. The Pentecostal Evangel is the voice of the Assemblies of God and is read by both Christians and non-Christians.

4. Pray. The Evangel goes into homes, prisons, public libraries and many other places. Pray that your article, if published, will bless many.

If your manuscript is returned, it does not mean the work is of poor quality; it may mean we already have similar material or your article would be more appropriate in another publication. We are unable to give reasons for rejection of manuscripts; however, each manuscript is carefully reviewed and appraised.


Manuscripts. E-mailed manuscripts are preferred and should be sent to They should be sent as Word document attachments, not in the body of the e-mail. They should be double spaced, with your name and address in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. The approximate number of words should be in the upper right-hand corner. Hard copies should be typewritten or printed on a letter-quality or near-letter quality printer (preferably not dot matrix). Be sure to keep a copy; we cannot be responsible for safekeeping of manuscripts.

1. Postage. Mail to: Pentecostal Evangel, 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO, 65802. Your manuscript must be accompanied by a self-addressed envelope and sufficient postage if you wish it returned.  It will be discarded six weeks after rejection.

2. Article length. From 500 to 1,200 words. Testimonies. 200-300 words.

3. No multiple submissions. We do not accept manuscripts submitted to other publications at the same time.  We do purchase second rights on some previously published material.

4.  Personal information required. In a cover letter, please tell about yourself, including your current occupation.  Please tell us what church you are a member of and who your pastor is. Assemblies of God affiliation not necessary.

5. Queries. Submit your manuscript without query.  We accept queries only from authors who have written for us on assignment.

6. Rate of payment. We pay 6 cents a word for first-rights articles by freelance writers. Payment is made upon acceptance. Writers will receive complimentary copies of the Evangel in which the article appears. Second rights are paid at approximately half of first-rights material. We do not offer payments for testimonies.

7. Rights. We purchase first or second North American serial rights, plus nonexclusive reprint rights, which includes electronic reproduction. We reserve the right to publish inspiring excerpts from testimonies. Please inform us if the article has been printed before or if you are offering first rights.

8. No handwritten manuscripts accepted.

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